C. L. Bell

About C.L. Bell

    I have been modeling since 2004 in which I have gain valuable experience and skills. The skills in which I have acquired provides me with the essentials I need to work well on a shoot. I have great communication skills as well as being outgoing, professional and positive.

   My main goals in becoming a professional model is to Provide the world with a fresh and positive role model,to inspire other women and teens to be happy with being themselves,provide women with the confidence to be whoever they want to be,to obtain what is needed for me to get out in the world a make a difference and to leave a legacy worth remembering.

   My passion for modeling is what drives me to be better and to work hard to excel and to achieve greatness. Modeling is my dream so I am working to make that dream a reality.
   If you are interested in hiring me please email me and I will be in-touch with you.And I would also be interested in hearing what you think about my work.



Promotional Model for Action, Events and Promotions- Nissan/Sports Illustrated Event.

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